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Introducing the new Nespresso website


Showing the site’s new features
in an exciting way

Nespresso reached out to Elespacio to help them create a short promotional video to introduce the new features of Nespresso.com in a fresh and exciting way.

We created a dynamic motion piece that makes use of stylised illustrations to explain each feature in combination with video captures of the site and punchy text snippets.

Visual treatment

We went through an extensive process of refining the look and feel for the video for this online ad campaign. We based the illustration style on Nespresso’s existing iconography while for the colour palette and the animation style we explored a wide range of options until we finally stroke the right balance.

The final pieces

We settled for a clean illustrave style and a light palette that felt in-keeping with Nespresso’s brand language. Through a modern animation style we injected a good dose of excitement to the film, successfully ticking all the boxes that we initially set out to do.

Online ad campaign

Complementary to the film we also created a set of banner ads to promote the new Nespresso.com. These consistently reflected the look and feel and animation style of the main piece.

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