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Celebrating the
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Ramadan Stories

Nespresso approached Elespacio for help in promoting the Ramadan season across nine of their markets in the Middle East. They required a digital campaign concept and communication strategy, in-line with the ATL campaign that they had already started to produce: An invitation to Coffee Delight. Elespacio won the pitch, presenting a concept called Ramadan Stories - a series of personal stories and articles celebrating the spirit of Ramadan.

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Bringing real stories to life

The basis of the campaign rested on the creation of four personal stories featuring Nespresso Club Members. Here the Members explained what Ramadan means to them and how they planned to use their favourite Nespresso recipe during the celebration. Each story was complemented by two articles expanding on the main topics, plus an interactive module illustrating the recipes in short steps. The content was made available in English, French and Arabic.

It’s all about the content

Using stories, articles and exclusive coffee recipes we focused on communicating how Nespresso products can help celebrate Ramadan traditions. Our goal was for our audience to find enough value in the varied editorial content to share on social media, and ultimately purchase Nespresso products online.

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Playing with making recipes

As well as the complementary articles, each story featured an exclusive recipe presented by the Club Member. The recipes were presented with an expandable module using simple interactions to illustrate every step of the process.

Creating the content

Elespacio was responsible for the creation of both the written and image content. We worked closely with local journalists to define the angle and tone of the text, whilst our collaborators at Lumen Studio helped us create the exceptional recipe images featured in the stories.

Facebook Canvas

As part of our social media campaign we created three Facebook Canvas ads that offered a glimpse into the different types of content featured on the site: stories, recipes and Nespresso products. Facebook’s innovative story-telling format helped spread the campaign and increase engagement with users on mobile devices.

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Online display campaign

To promote the campaign we created an extended number of HTML display ads in both Arabic and English showcasing Ramadan Stories, as well as various coffee and machine offers.