Premium look
for health offers


Improving wellness
through digital design

Farmapremium is a service that provides competitive deals for health and beauty products both online and offline. Additionally they produce insightful articles with reference to their industry. It is key that their online presence be both visually captivating and user friendly.

Elespacio was asked to redesign their online platform with a new and improved UX, visual responsive design and content strategy. Our proposal pushed the editorial content to the front and provided a new art direction for the image assets, creating an experience that feels both refreshing and appealing to their customer base.

A brand new, optimised
checkout process

In order to increase overall purchases we needed to simplify and improve the user flow of the site’s checkout process. Working closely with the client our team redesigned this, making it quicker and easier to navigate.

A fully responsive
mobile experience

As part of the goal to revive the site’s online experience, we worked on making it fully functional across mobile platforms. Farmapremium’s mobile site now perfectly complements their smartphone app offering easy access to personal accounts and a smooth simplified purchasing process.

Flawless UX and responsive design could describe your next website.

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