Sun, rain and storm driving a campaign

Sun, rain and storm
driving a campaign


Let’s talk about the weather

With this campaign, we made sure users never get caught out wearing the wrong clothes in the rain again. We integrated a weather API into DoubleClick’s dynamic feed and used meteorological and geo-location data to generate relevant messages, suggesting appropriate outfits based on the current weather.

The ads display relevant products while speaking directly to the audience about what the weather is like, right at that moment, in their city.

Rain or shine,
always dressed for the occasion

What data signals did we use?

Our team created a prototype that connects to the Open Weather Map’s API and gets updates every four hours. We also used geolocation data for key cities in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

Geolocation, temperature, sky conditions, wind velocity, thunderstorms

Sun or storm, looking smart is so Berlin

Blue-sky thinking for the look & feel

Our creative team’s goal was to create fun, punchy copy to go with each weather type. We decided early on in the design process to go for an editorial style. Weather reports are something you might read in your daily newspaper, so we felt this was the right look and feel for the project. The final creative combines weather-related animation with elegant typography and fashion photography.

The forecast for tomorrow is sunshine, blue skies and data-driven messages

Frame 1
Frame 2

Rome was not
built in a day

We encountered some interesting technical challenges along the way. First, how do we connect the weather API to the dynamic feed? We needed the API to pull up-to-date weather info from the targeted cities and, after some research, we found an API that suited us. Then we had to figure out how integrate it directly into the spreadsheet (feed). With the help of Google's team we created a custom gscript which allowed us to read the weather values for specific cities.

The creative was custom-made using html, css and javascript and each type of weather had its own animation, product and message.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the perfect menage a trois